Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia. Other findings

■ France, Belgium, Italy and Macedonia have women’s portals among their top-ten local sites.

■ Find the odd man out: Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland and Greece all have weather sites on their topten

list. The Greek seem to be very interested in the weather, with a weather website in third place.

■ The Swedes have only two categories of local websites in their top ten: News and Entertainment and Shopping and Classifieds.

■ Finland and Bulgaria have baby advice sites in their top-ten lists, under the Lifestyle category.

■ Germans seem to take their mobile phones into the kitchen, with a recipe website in its top-ten local site list.

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As of the April 2012 State of the Mobile Web, we now report both Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers.

Read more about this change. In November 2012, the consumer base of the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers increased in unique

users. In all, more than 215 million people used Opera Mini or Opera Mobile in November. The Opera Mini

servers (which do not process pages from Opera Mobile browsers) served more than 130 billion pages and

compressed over 11 petabytes of data for Opera Mini users. More than 31% of the total users of Opera

Mini and Opera Mobile are using smartphones to browse the web. Compared to November 2011, the total

number of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile users grew more than 92% year over year