Control Access Based on the Need to Know

your BYOD initiative, used network visibility to inventory devices and users currently on the network, and refined the policy if necessary based on what the inventory revealed. Now it’s time to start enforcing the network access control policy—the Who, What, Where and When of network access control. By providing this highly granular policy definition and automated enforcement, Bradford’s Network Sentry technology gives BYOD users  the network access they need to be productive, while providing the enterprise with acceptable security and control. If an unidentified user

tries to access the network, the Network Sentry can either reject them or assign them guest status with fewer privileges, such as Internet access for checking email, while denying access to back end servers. 10. Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation You can’t just set up your BYOD based on a snapshot of security risks

and employee needs at a single point in time. You need to continuously check for vulnerabilities and the changing needs of your employees, and potentially modify your policy to reflect the changing needs of your employees as well as evolving security threats. Bradford Networks provides the visibility, enforcement, and granular flexibility that make

this dynamic BYOD environment possible, providing a “win – win” solution for employees and the company. BRINGING BYOD TO LIFE BYOD is all about allowing employees to do their jobs and be as productive as possible—which is why it’s being embraced by more and more companies. But making it work is not as clear cut as it once was when the company owned the assets and could make the rules. Bradford Networks has pioneered the emergence of BYOD, and provides network management tools and best practice methodologies to make your BYOD initiative a success. Our Network Sentry product family is the