Feeling Beautiful

Wellness Beauty: Taking your vitamins, getting enough sleep, staying out of the sun and taking your make-up off before bed. The notion of ‘wellness beauty’ is becoming more and more important around the world. In fact, when asked what the most important thing when it came to achieving beauty was, women put ‘eating the right food’ and ‘getting enough exercise’ above all other factors.  Emotional Beauty: Confidence, talent, charisma, kindness, intelligence. Nowadays women seek to demonstrate beauty via substance as well as style. The Whole Beauty Ecosystem is a virtual circle; women around the world believe that if they look more beautiful then they will feel healthier and more confident…and if they feel healthy and confident then this will shine through, making them look more physically beautiful. There is certainly a demand for whole beauty brands and solutions amongst women. Particularly in the emerging markets where 55% of women in Brazil and 49% of women in China say that they actively want to buy products from the same brand in more than one category.