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The top local domains of Europe

International websites may top the lists of most visited domains, but Europeans do love their local sites, as well. This month’s State of the Mobile Web report, we offer a look at which local websites are the most

visited in the European countries. Using anonymous and aggregated data from the Opera Mini mobile web browser, which compresses data on the fly for its users, we’ve compiled a very accurate list of the most visited sites. The variations in top local domains vary greatly from country to country. Some countries are fixated on news, others use a mobile browser to visit education sites, and some countries are outright sports crazy. However, there is one category that dominates local websites in Europe.

News and Entertainment is clearly the most popular local website category in Europe, with 23 countries out of 35 having a news site in first place, and each country having at least one news site on its respective topten local website list. Croatia and Norway have the most news sites in their top ten, with a total of eight local news websites. Portal and search is the second most popular category.

Sports-fixated countries include Romania and Spain, which each have sport sites at the top of their top-ten lists, but Cyprus that is the country with the most sports fans, having a total of five sports sites on its topten list of local websites. In the ranking of international websites, the representation of international social networks is strong, and few European countries can show off with a local alternative to the international social-network sites. There are exceptions, such as in Spain, where there are two local social networks represented, and Germany, where one community is at the top of the top-ten list. The Portal and Search and Education category seem to be better represented in the eastern-most countries such as Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia. Other findings: