BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a huge trend in corporations, hospitals

and universities, where employees and other users are allowed to

access the corporate network using a wide range of personal devices.

BYOD has wide appeal because employees value the convenience and

ease of use, while businesses recognize that it allows their staff to be as

productive as possible. However, the growth in personal devices being

brought into the enterprise network is also a potential security threat as

well as a huge headache for IT departments trying to make BYOD work.

This paper describes a secure and flexible way for companies of any

size to make a successful transition to BYOD. It uses groundbreaking

Network Access Control technology developed by Bradford Networks

to balance the device preferences of employees with the security

and control requirements of the enterprise. The approach combines

granular access policies, automated enforcement and complete

visibility into what devices and users are accessing the network. Users

are happier and more productive, while the enterprise can move to a

BYOD environment with confidence. That’s good news for employees,

and good news for the company.