Personal Devices:

 Since more and more employees are using mobile devices and bringing them to work (and expecting to use them), HR will be partnering more with IT in not only encouraging companies to allow the use of personal devices in the workplace but also helping create policies around their use. There will also be a drive to “‘appify” everything, as there will be a move from traditional PC/Mac programs and a push to making things user‐friendly for an employee’s iPad/Tablet. Compatibility and security will bring new challenges to IT in making these devices a part of the workplace. Mobile vs Desktop: The “desktop” workstation will start to be replaced by the mobile device – especially with the increasing use of tablets among consumers. And as more consumers use their mobiledevices (both in and outside of the workplace), companies will spend time & resources on developing and/or improving processes designed for a smart device – particularly when it comes to recruiting, information access and learning. SaaS: Organizations worldwide will continue to look to Software‐as‐a‐Service (SaaS) as a way to driv e down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – especially since it offers more configurable, always up‐to‐date and functionally rich applications. There will also be a growing breed of newer “asaservice” products: integration (iPaaS), service (SaaS2), entire platforms (PaaS) accompanying the SaaS growth challenging the consumer with many varieties of configuration for technology and service.